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Outdoor Bubble Tube

Get outside and engage the senses with our unique Outdoor Bubble Tube! This robust tube can withstand harsh weather climates whilst uplifting your sensory garden.

This passive bubble tube cycles through different colours that shine brightly in your sensory garden environment. The water bubble ascends all the way to the top of the bubble tube to create a unique sensory experience that promotes tracking and visual stimulation.

The Outdoor Bubble Tube is designed to last and can be fixed in different ways to your garden. Examples of uses can be found in the featured images.

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Good to Know...

  • Long lasting LEDs and air pump

  • Low voltage power supply

  • Easy to empty and fill for cleaning

  • Robust PVC tube provides strength against hard knocks and differentiating weather conditions

  • Available in 1m to 2m lengths

Quality Guranteed

An Outdoor Bubble Tube is a perfect addition to a sensory garden adding a unique water feature that engages the senses. Robust, reliable and put through rigorous testing, this Outdoor Bubble Tube is built to last. Using high powered LEDs, this Outdoor Bubble Tube will shine brightly all year round.

Input Voltage: 12VAC
Power Consumption: 36W
Power Connector: 2.1mm jack
Ambient Temperature: 40°C maximum
Standard Lighting Colours: red, green, blue, yellow or white
Dimensions: Height 160mm + tube height, width 380mm, depth 380mm
Weight: 5kg approx. (without water)

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