Apollo Creative are proud to present the Emego Assistive Switch. A completely wireless electromyography (EMG) switch that turns even the slightest muscle movements into switches. This revolutionary new assistive technology device works with existing hardware and is easy to set up. People with severe disabilities or limited mobility will be able to control their environment using an accurate switch.

Life Changing Assistive Technology.

  • Start re-thinking your switching.

  • Easy to connect, easy to use.

  • Pinpoints exact muscle groups for better accuracy on limited muscle movement.

  • Wirelessly trigger electronic assistive technology equipment.

Discover more on the official website of Emego

Find out more about Emego on the official website. Here you will learn how the project started and the continuing collaboration with the Barnsley Assistive Technology Team and Devices for Dignity.


Emego uses dry sensing technology which means no more uncomfortable skin preparation or gels and the Bluetooth® LE wireless operation means Emego is truly wireless. Emego is body worn, small, light and can be used over extended periods, suitable for applications to detect muscle signals around the jaw, eye, and limbs.

Using the emego assitive switch

Simply activating the muscle, even slightly, will activate the patient sensor of the Emego to transmit a signal wirelessly up to 10 Metres to a small base station that interfaces to existing EC or AAC equipment via a standard 3.5mm phono jack. The Patient sensor can be charged via inductive charging allowing Emego to be used as a stand-alone or accompany an existing switching method.

Emego, designed and manufactured in the UK by GSPK Design, is developed to easily replace the switch. Accurately and repeatedly detecting a trigger from small muscle movement converting this artefact to a switching signal to interface with existing (eAT) equipment through a wireless connection to the base unit.


If you are interested in finding out more about Emego and would like to find out how you can trial the system then please let us know via the contact form

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