With the ever increasing popularity of our bubble walls I thought I would share some information and a short video about it. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions including how a bubble wall works, what the benefits are and how you can easily maintain it to keep it in perfect condition:


A Bubble What?

A bubble wall is a self contained water wall that emits variant colours using the latest LED technology. It can be designed to a size that suits you and offer a visual enhancement to any commercial property, private home or sensory environment.

How does it work?

The bubble wall is designed and manufactured to specification at our headquarters in the picturesque town of Knaresborough. Air is pumped via a small yet powerful motor through to the wall, the air is then evenly distributed across the surface of the wall to generate bubbles. Using high quality LED strip lights, the bubble wall lights up and can be customised to set the right mood and ambience. Using the DMX version of the bubble wall you can easily synchronise other lights to match each other, perfect for use in sensory rooms or catching your customers eye on a retail or exhibition stand.

What are the benefits?

  • In a restaurant environment it creates a unique ambience and is a stand out water feature that will amaze and dazzle customers.n
  • When used in a reception/waiting area it gives clients something to focus on. For example if your waiting to see the dentist it’s common to feel nervous or anxious, therefore having your mind focus on the illuminating bubbles will make you calm so you forget your worries.
  • Using a bubble wall in a sensory room is a great added addition to provide an interactive, colourful and therapeutic experience.


How to maintain a Bubble Wall

Keeping your bubble wall clean and in perfect working order couldn’t be easier! We recommend to change the water every 8-10 weeks to prevent any dirt or unwanted bacterial growth building up. Using special BCB fluid mixed in with the water it’s just a case of draining it, cleaning it and filling it back up again, easy!

Take a look at the video below to see the Bubble Wall in action: