Christmas is a great time for spending time with the family and celebrating traditions such as a big Christmas meal, present giving/receiving and of course playing the traditional family board game! (Monopoly is one of our favourites here at Apollo HQ!)

For those with autism it can be quite a stressful time, with changes to daily routines which can cause headaches for parents trying to get children to co-operate. In blogs we’ve written about how planning is always essential to curtail any unnecessary stress, the same goes over the festive period so you can make it both fun and enjoyable for all.

We’ve put together our top 5 tips for enjoying the festive period:

  1. Look out for ‘Autism Hours’ at large retail stores during Christmas shopping

Back in October, The National Autistic Society, engaged with retailers to provide accessible options for those with Autism. This included putting on extra helpful staff who could accommodate peoples needs such as turning off music in the store, personally helping guide customers to what they needed and dimming lights if needed. The push by The National Autistic Society was endorsed by the Prime Minister of the UK and trended significantly across social media.

Look out in 2018 for more stores joining this revolution in the way people with Autism can have a comfortable, safe and stress-free shopping experience. Head over to the official website to find out more:

Official website here.

Christmas Shopping