Casey and Jack from Apollo Creative made a trip to the NEC, Birmingham this week to visit both Naidex and the Dementia Care and Nursing Home 2018. Both shows are a must visit for people and businesses in the market for independent living and elderly patient care. This year, both shows were very well attended as visitors flocked over two days to see the latest innovations in mobility aids, sensory technologies, communication software and much more.

Both Casey and Jack were delighted to see Apollo Creative customers and in particular new faces who are looking to expand their existing portfolio of products to include sensory equipment as this market continues to grow into different sectors.

We’ve put together a few highlights from both of the shows that Casey and Jack saw and wanted to share with you:

1. Eye Synth – Smart Glasses for the Blind
   Website: Eye Synth Website

One of the most impressive pieces of tech at the show were smart wearing glasses, Eye Synth. Designed in Spain these glasses are made for partially blind and blind people to interact with the world around them. Taken from the description, “Eyesynth brings the most powerful assistive technology for totally and partially blind people. The glasses convert your surrounding 3D space into intuitive sounds. Easy to use, powerful and beautifully designed, to deliver the most empowering User Experience”

Using vibration on the side of your head make these glasses very powerful for a user to understand and interact with them. Certainly, one to watch for the near future.

2. Fitnniss – Exercise and Mobility for all ages

CEO and Founder Matt Inniss greeted Jack and Casey to the Fitnniss stand at the Care Home Show. Fittniss is all about getting elderly people and those with disabilities fit and healthy through exercise and sensory experiences to improve their health and mental well-being.

It was great to see Matt and his team at the show and the enthusiasm and passion for helping people really showed. Using a sensory room for exercise is a great way to make the most out of your space whilst being a fun and interactive experience for the user(s).

3. Sensory Guru – Sensory Room creators and experts in technology

A Naidex visit wouldn’t be complete without a look at Apollo Creative’s long-term supplier, Sensory Guru. The sensory room design company showed off some of their latest tech including the popular, Magic Carpet. Sensory Guru is at the forefront of technology and Apollo Creative are proud to help them with sensory room enquiries by providing our unique bubble tubes and other sensory equipment.

You can find out more about becoming a trusted supplier by getting in touch or have a look at this page to see other suppliers of Apollo Creative products.

4. Training 2 Care – A Sensory Virtual Dementia Tour
     Website: Virtual Dementia Tour Website

Using many different sensory effects including tactile, auditory and visual, the virtual dementia tour was an illuminating experience for understanding what somebody feels like when they have dementia. The popular experience at the Care Home Show attracted carers wanting to understand how their patients feel and Training 2 Care provide an experience to do just that.

It is well worth a visit if you ever get the chance to, take a look at their next roadshows to see one near you over on their website.

5. Neuro Rehab Therapy –

Neuro Rehab Therapy helps, “teach parents how to implement a home-based rehabilitation programme to help improve their child’s brain function.” The team that is based in Liverpool, explained to Casey and Jack how their programmes work and what they can do to help parents with their children. It’s certainly worth a look at their weekend workshops as these can provide essential training and guidance to help with care. Information about these workshops can be found here: Click here.

6. BONUS! … Warwick Davis!

And finally, we can’t finish this blog without sharing our excitement of seeing Actor, Writer, Director and Producer, Warwick Davis. Warwick is best known for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Warwick was visiting Naidex to promote his campaign ‘Little People UK’, a campaign that has a goal, “to offer friendship and support to people with dwarfism, their families and friends, and helping build a positive future for those individuals.” He and his wife, Samantha set up the organisation in 2012 which continues to this day.

See more information about the campaign here:

Thanks for reading, until next time!