LED Wall Wash

In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the how to use and the benefits of LED Wall Washes can bring to a sensory room.

What is an LED Wall Wash?

An LED Wall Wash put simply, is a method of creating light effects in a sensory room by washing the walls with colour. These primary colours can be shone on to any wall surface to create a calming and relaxing glow.

The LED lights offer a way of creating different moods and effects that all add to the sensory experience. Using different measures of pre-assembled strips, you simply connect the desired number of strips together and affix to the ceiling (seek a professional if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself).

There are sensory rooms all over the UK that use LED Wall Washes to enhance sensory experiences as they create a lot of light and can brighten up any dark room.

Controlling the lights can be done very easily with either a single remote control or by way of a DMX solution, enabling the user to control many different light effects. Look at this video to learn the basic functions of DMX lighting:

You can even use a