LED Wall Wash

In today’s blog, we’re going to look at the how to use and the benefits of LED Wall Washes can bring to a sensory room.

What is an LED Wall Wash?

An LED Wall Wash put simply, is a method of creating light effects in a sensory room by washing the walls with colour. These primary colours can be shone on to any wall surface to create a calming and relaxing glow.

The LED lights offer a way of creating different moods and effects that all add to the sensory experience. Using different measures of pre-assembled strips, you simply connect the desired number of strips together and affix to the ceiling (seek a professional if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself).

There are sensory rooms all over the UK that use LED Wall Washes to enhance sensory experiences as they create a lot of light and can brighten up any dark room.

Controlling the lights can be done very easily with either a single remote control or by way of a DMX solution, enabling the user to control many different light effects. Look at this video to learn the basic functions of DMX lighting:

You can even use a sensory remote control or dice controller to change the lighting adding an immersive sensory benefit.

How does an LED Wall Wash benefit a sensory experience?

LED Wall Washes can greatly benefit a sensory experience by enhancing a storytelling experience. Using different coloured lights to reflect the mood and atmosphere of the story a teacher or carer might be reading. Imagine being washed in sea – like blue when telling a story that’s set in the ocean. Or wash the walls with green for the children’s classic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to simulate a forest as Little Red Riding Hood makes her way to Grandma’s house.

There are also added learning benefits from LED Wall Washes, young learners can gain a better understanding of colour and colour recognition. You can change the colours and teach them as they are surrounded by different colours. Or why not try using them with an interactive dice remote control. Simply by throwing and turning the sofft padded dice controller, the LED Wall Wash will automatically change to the corresponding colour.

Finally, using the LED Wall Washes to set the right mood for those who are anxious or stressed. Sensory rooms are a great way to use as a breakout room or safe space. Use this area and their favourite lighting to create a calm and relaxing sensory environment.

How do LED Wall Washes work?

As mentioned above, LED Wall Washes can be used with a variety of controllers. They connect through the Apollo Creative Spectrum, this gives the ability to use the variety of colours on offer.

Each strip comes in 1m or 2m strips that are easily affixed to the ceiling. They are pre-assembled in a robust casing with a Perspex that creates the ‘wash’ effect. Simply click the strip connectors together and use flexible connectors when needing to go around awkward corners. Once all your strips are connected, plug in the necessary cables to the Spectrum and your good to go!

Apollo Creative Spectrum


Hopefully you found this information useful and if thinking of building a sensory room, use it as a guide to create your perfect space. We’re always more than happy to discuss projects or ideas just get in touch with us over on the contact page: Contact us here.

LED Wall Wash