DMX Chroma Tube

The DMX Chroma Tube is a versatile way to light up your sensory room. The DMX Chroma Tube works with DMX controllers that are available already on the market.

Setting up a bespoke sensory room where-by you can control every aspect of it from light to sounds is crucial to creating a space that suits the needs of the user. The DMX Chroma Tube works just like a regular chroma tube only it is programmable to work with your DMX requirements.

You can even use this tube alongside other DMX compatible equipment to promote cause & effect learning, stimulate the senses and help the user with visual tracking skills.

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Good to Know...

  • Compatible with DMX controllers available on the market

  • Long lasting LEDs

  • Low voltage power supply

  • Completely maintenance free. Simply plug and play!

  • Robust PVC tube provides strength against hard knocks

  • Available in 1m to 2m lengths

  • A strong focal point in any sensory room

Quality Guranteed

The DMX Chroma Tube works with a variety of DMX controllers available on the market and is compatible with other DMX equipment to give you full control of lighting in your sensory room. The column of light from the Chroma Tube shines through the frosted PVC tube to give a warming glow like effect. The tube works best for when you are creating calming sensory environments as it fades from one colour to the next.

Taking advantage of the DMX feature in the Chroma Tube you can light your sensory room to your requirements. This is a great way to tell stories or teach classes in different environments.

Input Voltage: 12VAC
Power Consumption: 36W
Power Connector: 2.1mm jack
Ambient Temperature: 40°C maximum
Standard Lighting Colours: red, green, blue
Dimensions: Height 160mm + tube height, width 380mm, depth 380mm
Weight: 5kg approx.

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Does this tube make the same slight humming noise as that of a bubble tube?

No, as there is no pump used for this product.

What is the tube made from?

We use a satin finish Acrylic.

Is this product maintenance free?

Yes, as no water is used for this product. We use LED lighting technology, so no lamps need changing and as the LEDs last a lifetime.

Chroma Tube - Sensory Equipment
Chroma Tube - Sensory Equipment
Chroma Tube - Sensory Equipment
Chroma Tube - Sensory Equipment
Chroma Tube - Sensory Equipment
Chroma Tube - Sensory Equipment
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