As part of Apollo Creatives continual effort to support young people at work, for a week in June we had a creative young talent called Arran join us at our offices in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. Arran is a GCSE pupil at the local comprehensive school, King James. Ben Johnson, product specialist at Apollo Creative was struck by Arrans enthusiasm when he first interviewed him about the work experience placement, “I was really impressed with Arran at his interview, I could sense that he would fit well into a creative role and therefore made the decision for him to work on our ensemble software and create an animation that would fit well in a sensory learning environment.”

Ben showing Arran the ensemble software

Ben showing Arran the Apollo Ensemble software

Animation has been a passion for Arran since a young age, he often spends his free time sketching and creating new characters using just his iPad and an app. Bursting with ideas, Arran began work on a storyboard about a chameleon who would change colour when the user interacts with an