What is the Interactive Sound panel?

The interactive sound panel reacts to the noises a user makes. Sounds can be made in a variety of ways and the sound panel will light up in time with noises created. For example, clapping to a beat will make the lights on the panel light up and down in different colours. This is a perfect way to promote cause and effect learning as the user can activate the lights with the sounds they make.

See the video below:

Apollo Creative also supply a disco tube which offers the same sensory benefits but in a more portable way. The disco tube is like a bubble tube in appearance but doesn’t require any maintenance with water cleaning. The lights react to sounds and it can easily be placed in your sensory environment to suit the user’s needs.

The Sensory Benefits

Specific sensory benefits for the interactive sound panel include visual, noise and touch. Stimulating the senses is key for children and adults with learning difficulties, this can then promote learning and have the user be physically engaged with the sensory equipment. We’ve broken down the benefits of each sensory and how it works with the panel.

Touch 🖐️

  • Embedded into soft play anyone can hit the padding to activate the lights. The vibrations will activate the sound panel.
  • Clapping your hands will activate the interactive sound panel.

Hear 👂

  • Play your own music and watch the lights dance to the beat. Perfect for playing your favourite tunes and relaxing in a calm atmosphere.
  • Promote vocalisation from the users by engaging with the sound panel.

See 👁️

  • The user can watch the lights step up and down in different colours.
  • Can increase visual attention to promote understanding of cause and effect.

Advantages for Occupational Therapists (OT’s) and Learning Co-ordinators

One of the key elements to any piece of sensory equipment is that it can be easily used by a Learning Co-ordinator or Occupational Therapist when looking after a single individual or group. Using an interactive wall is easy to do, simply plug it in and you’re ready to go! The OT or Learning Co-ordinator can then use it in relaxing environment and when required stimulate the senses of the class they are teaching.

The sound interactive panel is also the perfect way to encourage vocalisation from an engaged user. This is a perfect way to promote confidence for those with speech difficulties as their vocals will start the colourful lighting on the panel.

Good to know

More information on the sound interactive panel can be found by clicking here. A PDF tech sheet can be found by clicking here.

Here are some key points that are good to know if you are considering adding a sound interactive panel to your sensory space:

  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm x 80mm
  • Weight: 18.5kg
  • Input voltage: 12VDC
  • Power consumption: 36W
  • The panel is easily wall mountable and can be embedded into soft play if necessary.

If you are working on a sensory room at the moment and could benefit from our sensory equipment then get in touch now to discuss your project with us.