Our electronic design team have been very busy this past month creating a waterless LED tube dubbed the Chroma Tube for Apollo Creative. From concept to design to manufacture the team has put a lot of thought and passion into creating a beneficial product to relax and stimulate the senses. Tom, who designed the electronics for the waterless LED tube says, “I really enjoyed working on this project and I’m very happy with the final result, I hope to see it used in as many ways as possible!”

Even though Apollo Creative supply water treatment fluid that can counteract the risk of legionnaires disease, some people may prefer to do without water completely. In these situations the waterless LED tube is perfect as it’s lights offer a calming, relaxing and stress-free atmosphere ideal for people who need to actively stimulate their senses. It works perfectly in any sensory room with the added benefit of not having to change any water. With its clean modern finish we’re really excited to see how we can integrate the Chroma Tube into sensory rooms, exhibitions, retail and beyond.


Chroma Tube