Sensory room building guide for people with dementia

A recent publication, how to make a sensory room for people living with dementia, has highlighted the importance of creating the right sensory environment that works well for the people using it in this particular case people living with dementia. It covers the current state of feelings and thoughts to sensory rooms throughout the UK and offers some great advice on how to make them work better for people with dementia and their carers to work with.

The guide book is written by Dr Anke Jakob, from the university of Kings London and Dr Lesley Collier, from the university of Southampton and was presented at the recent Inside Out festival in London. It highlights the benefits a sensory environment can have, stating that ‘residents in the later stages of dementia show positive changes in mood and behavior.’ Aiding residents through a sensory based interactive experience could really be the stimulation they need to relax the effects of dementia. Carers who look after people with dementia can also reap the benefits of making their job less stressful and more enjoyable when working in a sensory room.

Adding a modern touch to a sensory room can be harder than it looks and working closely with specialists who have many years of experience will benefit with a stress free process of choosing the right equipment. At Apollo Creative we have built many bespoke sensory rooms for a variety of institutes and establishments providing a positive influence and calming experience for people with dementia and their carers to work with. If you have an outdated sensory room or looking to build one from scratch feel free to get in touch to discuss with us your project or idea.

Link to the guide book: Click Here