Apollo Creative are excited to introduce to you four brand new sensory products added to our sensory equipment offering.

Our team of Apollo Creative Design Engineers have been working hard to bring the new products to life, from initial concept stage right through to prototyping, testing and final build. The new sensory equipment consists of:

Our number one priority when creating the new range was for them to be maintenance free, providing you a hassle-free experience when adding them to your sensory room.

Introducing the Air Tube

The Air Tube is a great alternative to a bubble tube. Air is pumped through the base to activate small beads in the column, these beads then create patterns based on how you adjust the air flow. A very relaxing sensory experience, the air tube is available in heights between 1 metre and 2 metres. The tube also use lights to produce a spectrum of different colours that cycle through for further relaxation and engagement.

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A Relaxing Infinity Wall Panel

The Infinity Wall Panel provides an LED optical illusion, an infinite number of LEDs are created using mirrors. This relaxing panel is fully self-contained and is easy to plug and play. The passive mode of the Infinity Wall Panel creates a relaxing ambiance and fits perfectly into any sensory room. You can also add buttons

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A Funky Disco Tube

The Disco Tube is a fun interactive way of using sounds that you make by clapping, stomping and playing music! The more sounds you make the more the disco tube lights up using a stepping light feature. You can play your favourite sounds and music and enjoy the Disco Tube light up and ‘dance’ to your tunes.

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Disco Tube sensory equipment

A Fun Interactive Sound Panel

Similar to the Disco Tube above, the Interactive Sound Panel easily fits onto a suitable wall to create a fun and engaging sensory product. Use your own sounds and music and let the sound panel ‘dance’ to your music!

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