A lot of new and exciting changes are happening at Apollo Creative. We are pleased to announce our new sensory room is now open for bookings! We’ve dedicated an entire room to showcase our most popular sensory equipment including fibre optic lights, bubble tubes, bubble walls and the Apollo Room Controller.

New sesnroy room at apollo creative

The new Sensory Room

Creating a sensory room for an environment such as a school, care facility or community centre can be expensive. A lot of decisions have to be made and certain equipment may not be the right choice for everyone. We want our customers to be completely sure they’re making the right choices when it comes to purchasing sensory equipment or when they are designing a sensory room.

We invite you to come to our Knaresborough based office, closely linked with Leeds, York and a five minute drive away from the A1. Throughout the demo you will have full access to the sensory room where you can get a hands on experience with equipment used on a daily basis. One of the highlights of the sensory room is the Apollo Room Controller (ARC) an immersive way to completely control your sensory environment.