Whilst Halloween is often a fun and exciting time for Children, those with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can be vulnerable to loud noises, jump-scares and lots of overloading activity.

We’re going to provide you with some top tips to anyone who wants to have a fun and stress-free Halloween!

Autumn vibes for sensory blog

Plan your route

Planning a route for ‘trick or treating’ will help alleviate stress. You could plot out the route on a map at home and talk about where you will be going and what houses to visit. If you have the time, why not do a trial walk of the route before the big night, this will help to combat stress and clear out any anxieties.

Pick a suitable costume

Make sure to choose a suitable costume that isn’t uncomfortable so as not to trigger. Think about adapting clothes that the person is already used to, here is great resource for some inspiration and ideas: Click here to see Pinterest post.

Using their own clothes will reduce unnecessary sensory overload from some of the Halloween costumes that can be bought in a shop.

Frights can be fun, but sometimes scary!

With lots of masks and scary objects used to decorate houses and people walking around in costumes, it