Stimulating a sensory experience is proving more and more popular in the digital world. Artists, musicians and designers have taken to the web to create experiences that can stimulate our audio and visual senses. We’ve put together our favourite five sensory experiences for you to play with, we’d love to hear your feedback so just drop us a line over at our contact page.

Now make sure you’re sitting comfortably, plug those headphones in and lose yourself in the digital sensory world.

Lights by HelloEnjoy

Fans of Ellie Goulding will love this audio and visually stimulating sensory experience by HelloEnjoy. Use your mouse to move through the this colourful world and simply click to go faster. Bright colours and a catchy soundtrack combine to make a great immersive experience.


Tonematrix describes itself as ‘a pentatonic step sequenzer which produces relaxing sonal patterns.’ Relaxing is certainly the key word here as you light up small squares to produce a delicate tone. As you light up more and more squares you start to create beautiful electronic music providing an audio sensory treat for your ears!