With Euro 2016 well underway in France, the biggest sporting event of the year plays host to some of the biggest national teams in Europe. Of course this means large crowds of football fans cheering their team to victory. Chanting, whistling, screaming when their striker scores is all part of the atmosphere of a football game.

Euro 2016 in France
Part of the fun at the Euro’s is being part of the crowd but some people and in particular those on the autism spectrum may find this hard to deal with. In this blog we’re going to give you some handy tips as to how to help those with autism enjoy being part of a loud crowd. With these handy tips we hope that you will find them useful and that they give you the inspiration to be part of a large atmosphere.

Let’s Kick off!

(*cough*, ‘scuse the pun)

1. Slowly increase noise exposure and familiarity with crowds

No one likes to be thrown in at the deep end. Gradually introducing noises and large crowds will help anyone with autism become familiar with what to expect at a large sporting event. Is there a local band playing near you? Or a village fair that would have relatively small crowds for those with autism to be introduced too. Another good idea would be to search Youtube for football chants to get used to listening to the noises and atmosph