School kids with SPD

We’ve put together five top tips for children with SPD (sensory processing disorder) to help concentrate at school. Whether its planning for their first day or you’re just looking for ideas for them to concentrate more in long classes, these tips will give you some great ideas to get started.

1. Plan the school run the night before

Ease the morning without the stress of rushing. Ensure there is a plan in place and that you go over it with them the night before, this will reduce any anxieties and hopefully be a much more pleasant experience for parent and child.

2. Use a stress ball or small object to occupy children during long classes

Long classes at school are common and can prove hard for kids with SPD, provide a small object for them to use in class. It’s always best to check with the teacher to make them aware that they will be using a small object. Anything from stress balls to a hair scrunch will hopefully help children relax and concentrate more.

bubble tubes in a sensory installation

3. Massage Therapy before School

A firm massage could be the ideal solution to start the day right. Occupational therapists are a great resource to seek advice about specific massaging. Take a look at this video that demonstrates techniques for sensory massage therapy:
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4. Encourage Sports educational activities

Exercise is a fantastic way to help kids with SPD integrate at school. Even simple things added to their daily routine like wall push ups or jumping jacks can really help by working the muscles and putting them at ease. Whether it’s during school hours or after school sports clubs, focussing on a specific exercise will do wonders for a child’s health and wellbeing.

school sensory equipment

5. Special Place

Whether it’s a certain part of the classroom or the best position for them to sit during assembly, it’s a great idea to understand (if necessary) where a child’s special place could be. Discuss with their teacher to see if they have noticed specific behavioural patterns and if they relax more in a certain area of the classroom. Having a ‘special place’ could also be a sensory room. Sensory rooms are the perfect place for children and adults to relax with various pieces of equipment. Everything from warm glowing fibre optic lights to mesmerising bubble tubes provide a relaxing experience in an immersive environment.

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