Bubble Tube

Bubble tubes are Perspex columns filled with water that stand up to two metres high. They are fitted with LED lights that provide a vibrant warm glow to stimulate the senses in a calming and relaxed way. Filled with water, a special pump located in the base of the tube creates bubbles that cascade up the length of the tube.

So what can you use a bubble tube for? This question is asked frequently by people looking to build their own sensory room, we’re going to look at four effective ways you can use a bubble tube in your sensory environment:

1. Enhance Relaxation

Placing a bubble tube in a sensory room or children’s play area is key for creating the perfect place to reduce anxiety and relax the user. Many people use the bubble tube as a central focal point as the movement of the bubbles and changing lights provide an eye pleasing experience.

A bubble tube works wonders for relaxing the mind into a state of meditation. This creates a good atmosphere for carers and health professionals to observe someone’s behaviour if they are autistic for example. They can see how they interact with the bubble tube and tailor their relaxation time to maximise the benefit for the user.

Take a look at the video below to get a sense of what a bubble tube is like:

2. Cause and Effect Learning

With every action there is a reaction, this can be applied to bubble tubes paired with interactive controllers such as the top hat or sensory dice. Teaching babies and young children cause and effect is a huge benefit to understanding how the world around them works. For example, using the interactive controller with a bubble tube will give the user the ability to change colours and the flow of bubbles, pressing the red button will turn the colour of the bubble tube too red, pressing the green button will turn it too green etc.

Bubble tubes are the perfect fun way to learn cause and effect

3. Stand out in a crowd to capture someone’s attention

We have worked with a number of people who use bubble tubes at exhibitions and trade shows. The bubble tubes act as an eye catching water feature that work well with a variety of branding. Take for example the work Apollo Creative have done for luxury cosmetic brand Clarins (read about the project here). Clarins wanted to engage customers to a new product line that had a distinct water themed branding. The bubble tubes perfectly met the needs of Clarins as they could highlight their new product in a visually interesting way and a unique experiential way.

Is a bubble tube something you could use in your own branding to capture more people’s attention? If you’re looking for something even more unique, have you thought about a visually striking bubble wall? Click here to find out more.

Bubble Tube at Alton Towers Resorts

4. Practice Switching Skills

Using the interactive controls as mentioned in point 2 is a great way to interact with your bubble tube. Learning about switching is key to a child’s development as it helps with motor skills as well as learning different colours.

Using the dice controller is a fun and interactive way to interact with a bubble tube, roll the dice and the colour it lands on corresponds to the colour that lights the bubble tube. The user can practice learning colours by using this simple switch.

Bubble Tube switch remote control