A special sensory evening took place at the 16th-century King’s College Chapel in Cambridge.

Artist Miguel Chevalier created a beautiful starry night throughout the event entitled Dear World… Yours, Cambridge. Colourful projections were  tailored for each guest speaker at the charity event where the likes of Sir Ian Mckellen, Sir David Attenborough and world famous Physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking gave inspiring talks.
Using the Gothic architecture as a canvas the artist brought the Chapel to life in a mix of vibrant colours, artistic designs and themes. To illustrate Professor Stephen Hawking’s speech about his research into black holes, the artist filled the chapel with thousands of star constellations to immerse the audience into the unknown depths of space. A delightful sensory experience on a grand scale such as this was a huge hit with audience members.

Creating an immersive space brought this beautiful chapel to life. Sensory rooms are a great way to use a projection screen to teach classes or transport children’s imagination to places they can only dream of (take a looking at a recent project we did at a community centre: click here)

Take a look at the video below: